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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Facts in WASHINGTON

Alcohol abuse and drug addiction are two harmful habits people seem to form during their life. If you or anybody you know suffers from these issues, you must be well aware of the long road to recovery that awaits in the future.

You’ll be horrified to know about the extent of the spread of substance abuse in the country. Every year, 17.6 million Americans struggle with alcohol abuse. Moreover, 20 million illegal drug users perform substance abuse per month within the nation. In major cities drug addiction is a serious issue; Seattle is no different. Having proper knowledge about Seattle addiction treatment is a must to ensure the wellbeing of sufferers from alcohol abuse and illegal drug use.


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How bad is the situation in Seattle?

Drug and alcohol abuse has always been a problem in Seattle. In recent years, heroin use has turned into epidemic proportions. The city recently put together a task force of local experts to find a solution to the problem. The numbers paint a distressing picture of the situation the city is facing.

The city saw over 150 heroin-related deaths in King County alone, which was the highest toll in two decades. Compared to the numbers in 2009, the number of opiates-related deaths tripled in 2014. In fact, treatment admissions in Seattle that listed heroin as the primary drug have doubled from the figures of 2010. The city saw 32% more treatment admissions in 2014 than in the previous year. The city of Seattle witnesses more treatment admissions for heroin than any other drug since 1999. Heroin is also the most-mentioned drug in Emergency Help Line summons.

The massive drug addiction and alcohol abuse have caused the city’s police departments a plethora of troubles on a daily basis. Just like the rest of the country, drug addiction has been linked to an alarming rise in the substance abuse percentage among teenagers.

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What is the reason behind the extensive drug abuse in the city?

One of the main grounds for the widespread use of drugs in Seattle has been related to the legalization of marijuana. Since adults can purchase marijuana for personal recreation uses, the drug cartels have shifted their production focus onto other drugs like heroin and methamphetamines. Seattle also faces a significant challenge due to the huge number of addicts who abuses prescription opiate painkiller medication.

Healthcare and law enforcement officials appear to have been somewhat successful in their attempt to curb the extent of prescription drug abuse. Seattle now has the lowest death toll for prescription opioids in 10 years. Furthermore, treatment admissions in Seattle for prescription opioid abuse reduced 27% since 2010. People are turning to alcohol or other drugs to feed their drug addiction. Moreover, the cheap availability of heroin is another big reason behind the emergence of the need to ensure adequate drug addiction treatment Seattle WA. Much of the success in battling alcohol and substance abuse can be credited to the ongoing Seattle rehab programs in the city.

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Seattle drug rehab has numerous benefits for someone suffering from alcohol and substance abuse problems. Of course, there are different kinds of Seattle addiction treatment and no matter which sort of addiction treatment Seattle you seek; you’ll enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Drug addiction treatment can help you deal with the physical withdrawal symptoms that appear during any detoxification rehab inAuburn Wa. These can be very uncomfortable or distressing for the addict. With proper medical care and supervision, these symptoms can be managed safely and quickly by the Seattle drug rehab centers.
  2. Drug addiction treatment can provide the medical care the patients need. Any chronic illness, withdrawal symptoms or undiscovered disorders can be treated by theAuburn Wa rehab centers to stabilize your condition and make you feel better.
  3. Many addicts suffer from several co-occurring mental health, behavioral or learning disorders which require treatment. Auburn Wa rehab programs provide the medical and psychiatric care patients need to root out the issues contributing to the substance abuse and alcohol addiction.
  4. Seattle addiction treatment centers offer you various therapy options like meditation, yoga, massage, Tai Chi, and exercise routines which help the patients to release stress, build up focus, and improve overall health.
  5. Addiction treatment centers are an excellent place to get some much-needed peer support for the patients. The Auburn WaDrug Rehab centers are full of people who share the same goal. These Seattle rehab facilities can be great places to forge new friendships which can last a lifetime.
  6. Family plays a vital role in the drug rehabAuburn Wa programs. Family support is essential for a patient to overcome his/her alcohol and substance abuse addiction. Since the addiction takes a toll on the family of the patient, different activities like workshop, therapy sessions, support groups for the family members of the addict can hasten the healing process.

Seattle addiction treatment also provides crucial aftercare support for substance abusers and keeps them safe from any negative influences. The patients are given a stable and secure environment that is essential to find sobriety in their lives.

How to choose the right drug addiction treatment in Auburn Wa


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Before you sign up for rehab, you have to know about the different kinds of rehab centers and the sort of treatment they offer. The key factors to decide the right rehab in for the patient include the severity of the addiction, its duration, the time and effort the individual can commit to the recovery process.

A patient can opt for either the Inpatient or the Outpatient rehab depending on his/her needs. An inpatient rehab facility offers the patients 24/7 supervision in a residential professional facility. The patient is slowly weaned from the substance of his/her addiction and helped through the withdrawal phase. It is the most common and fruitful drug misuse treatment method and is extremely helpful for patients.

For patients who prefer to accept treatment from home, the outpatient facilities offer them to attend several treatment activities by regularly meeting up with counselors and therapists and returning home after treatment.

The first step in the drug addiction treatment Seattle process is to acknowledge the fact that you might have a problem with alcohol or drugs. Remember, the earlier you start, the earlier you can take back control of your life. Therefore, don’t hesitate. Do your research and find out what’s best for you. Join rehab in Seattle and bring back balance to your life today.


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The DSHS Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR) provides funding and oversight for substance use treatment services to people enrolled in Medicaid.  During 2013-2015, the agencies funded more than 83,000 youth and adults in Washington.

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